DOS Attack – What is Danial of Service Attack



A DOS attack is an attack through which an attacker attempts to make your computer resources unavailable.

DOS Attack - What is Danial of Service Attack
Image shows: DOS Attack.

Do you know with Dos attack an attacker tries to deprive your service that they are authorized to use? You can perform a DOS attack by using a single computer or multiple computers.

But when you will use multiple computers to execute a DOS attack it will be called a DDOS attack. In DOS attack if the attacker fails to gain access to a computer, the attacker may try to crash the computer. Consequently, your computer will stop working.

Similar to DOS attack session hijacking is another way of denying an authorized user of the service that the user is authorized to use. First of all this type of attack is a way to take control of your session.

To know more about Session Hijacking you may go through this link. You will come to know full elaboration of what is Session Hijacking.

What are the common impacts of DOS attack?

First of all, a dos attack can make the following impacts. Such as

  • Disable your computer network.
  • Incur you financial loses
  • cause you loss of goodwill

Classifications of DOS attack.

You know DOS attacks are of many types. whatever I will discuss only some popular DOS attacks eventually. So, let’s have a look.

Buffer overflow attack:

This type of attack occurs when a program writes more information into the buffer than the space allocated to the buffer in the memory.

Therefore you can perform a buffer overflow attack by sending e-mail messages with attachments having file names of 256 characters length.

Flood attack:

Similarly, this type of attack happens when the attacker sends a larger amount of data towards your computer. Therefore you can easily understand that the attacker floods your computer with so much traffic.

Consequently, it fails to handle the traffic. The flooding messages consume the entire bandwidth of your computer. Finally, your computer becomes inaccessible to you.

Resources overload attack:

This is another attack, occurs when too many legitimate connections are established to a server.

Okay, let me explain. Suppose you are launching a new product on your website. Consequently, a huge number of users may try to visit your web page containing the product information. Right?

Here the web server of the website gets slow. or out of service.

Teardrop attack:

This type of attack involves sending invalid Internet Protocol. It also contains overlapping & oversized data to your computer.

In this attack attacker uses erroneous packet header information that indicates overlapping fragments of packet.

Ping of death attack:

When an attacker sends overloaded ping messages to your computer, it says ping of death attack. Basically, ping is a network administration utility.

First of all this utility allows you to verify a particular IP address exists & can accept requests. Ping of death messages has a packet size larger than 65536 bytes.

The OS fails to handle these oversized packets & freezes or reboots or crashes.

IP Spoofing attack:

This attack refers to an attack in which the attacker portrays as being another legitimate user.

Creation of IP packets by the attacker with a forged IP address to hide its identity or impersonate as another user is known as IP spoofing.

Smurf attack:

Here an attacker sends spoofed broadcast ping messages to flood your computer.The attacker sends forged ICMP echo packets to IP broadcast address marking your computer as the sender of these packets.

Then the recipients reply to the victim computer with ICMP echo replies.This results in the target computer being flooded with large amount of traffic.

ICMP stands for Internet Control message protocol.


Finally, DOS attack has become a great trouble for many commercial websites, Many e-commerce websites such as,, & have become victims of dos attack.

Microsoft website, also became a victim of a dos attack on August 15. 2003.


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