Encryption – Needs of encryption – definition – types


Encryption Intoduction

First of all Encryption is a process of encoding all of your important credential, messages even more in such a way.

In other word this technique is a process arises from cryptography.

You can read about Cryptography Here http://Cryptography – What is Cryptography – Cryptography Algorithms.

When you are encrypting anything , that means you are giving permission to particular one to access your content. Someone who is not authoriszd cannot open your encrypted file.

Why you need encryption?

Today we are living in a platform where internet is knocking at our door. Consequently, the chances of being a victim under cybercrime are more.

Encryption - definition - types
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Similarly online marketing is growing more than before. That means that protecting our digital presence is of utmost importance, and the encryption is an important security measure for all of us.

Basically, e-mail marketing, hotel websites, online shopping, New websites, banking department use encryption mostly to secure data.

Therefore you can use it to make sure that your data can not be stolen.

What are the Types?

There are two techniques to perform encryption scheme. Therefore the techniques are as follows

  • Private key encryption.
  • public key encryption.

Now let’s talk about above two techniques. What is private & public encryption.

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Private Key Encryption

In private key encryption, a single key called private key. You can use it for encryption as well as decryption of your data.

What happens here basically is, you can share the private key to the intended recipient only. Therefore your key becomes hidden from the remaining users on the network.

You need to encrypt your data & then send it to your receipent over the network.

Suppose you are sending your encrypted data to me. After getting your encrypted data, I will use the same private key to decrypt your encrypted data. This is the logic.

The same private key means , what key you used to encrypt your data.

Here, any other private key will not serve the purpose. Note that You & I need to know the private key to encrypt as well as decrypt the data.

The need of sharing the private key between you & me of a message is the most vulnerable aspect of private key encryption.

Public Key Encryption

In public key encryption, you can use two keys to encrypt & decrypt data. The data you will use to encrypt your data is known as a public key.

Similarly the data you will use to decrypt is known as private key. You need to first generate the public & private keys to use public key encryption.

The public key is then made available to anybody who wants to send data.

You can use the public keys to encrypt the data & send it to me. When i will receive your encrypted data, I must use the private key, which remains hidden from you to decrypt the data.

The public & private keys are related to each other in such a way, that data encrypted with a public key can be decrypted by using only the correct private key.

In public key encryption, fist of all you need to generate the public & private key pair on the system of the two users who need to share data with each other in encrypted form.

When the sender & receiver need to authenticate & exchange data , they send their public keys to one another. However they keep their private keys secret.

The sender uses the receiver’s public key to encrypt the data & send the encrypted data to the receiver. when the receiver receives the encrypted data, the public key, which remains hidden from the sender is used to decrypt the data.

If you wish to download an application click https://sourceforge.net/projects/encrypt/


The Encryption scheme is more advanced nowadays. I will recommend you to use encrypted data when you send your confediential data to anyone over the network.

Actually, encryption is not a recent solution. You will be surprised to know that, Egyptians also used Cryptography to protect their important data.

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