How to install Red Hat Linux Graphically


How to install Red Hat Linux Graphically

  • Do you know what is Graphical mode?
  • Do you know how to install Red Hat Linux Graphically?

If you want to know how to install Red Hat Linux Graphically then read this post till the end. After reading this post you will finally understand how to install Red Hat Linux Graphically.

How to install Red Hat Linux Graphically

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Before you begin to know it.

This process completely reinstalls your Desktop  system. First of all, all the data on your system will destroy. So, finally, if you want to do then let’s start.

Run lab – setup – install as root on desktop X to prepare the system for this task. install Red Hat Linux Graphically

1.  Therefore reboot your system. After interrupting the boot process. For booting of your network interface card.

  • From your desktop X workstation select System finally shut down. When it prompts select Restart.
  • Therefore you will see the computer’s BIOS screen. Quickly press F 12 function key.
  • Choose to boot from a computer’s network interface.

2. Select install or upgrade an existing system from the boot screen.

3. Certainly, put your similar language.

4. Choose URL as the install type & similarly select  http://instructor/pub/rhe16/dvd 

as the installation source.

Therefore you probably use the eth 0 interfaces with I P V 4 & D HCP to get the address.

5. Choose basic storage devices. Fresh installation.Set desktop as the hostname.

6. Choose your time zone & set root password red hat.

7. Configure the partitions as follows

  • /boot 200 MB physical partition
  • /home 1024 Mb physical partition, encrypts using a passphrase password
  • 15 GB physical volume to use with volume group.
  • 10 GB logical volume for /
  • 2 GB logical volume for swap
  • When partitioning choices come select custom layout. (3 times)
  • select & delete all existing partitions
  • Create the boot partition. Select free space. Click the create button. Select the standard partition & create. Set the partition as boot. ext 4 file system type. 200 MB.
  • Home partition : select free space,standard partition & create.Set partition e x t 4, 1024 MB. fix size.
  • Create L V M physical volume: select free space, click on create. Select L V M physical volume finally create.
  • Create L V M volume group: select create. Click L V M volume group & finally create. Consequently, choose a group name.
  • LV M logical volume: Click ADD select mount, ext 4 type.choose logical volume name, set size 1000 MB press OK.
  • Create swap logical volume: Click select swap & set 2000 MB in size. Click OK button two times.
  • Set an encrypted password for volume: Set password as the passphrase for the volume. Write the changes to disk while appears.

8. Another screen with the bootloader. leave it. Click next.

9. Select desktop similarly Customize now & click next. Select FTP server package click next.

The package will finally begin the installation.

10. while installation ends another pop up will appear. So, press enters to reboot.

11. Similarly, put your password.

12. After first boot, another window will appear. That is the first boot. Therefore answer all questions. Don’t register with R H N. In another pop up create a user account.

13. Finally, the installation & first boot completes. So, download the grading script. then run. You can download it from http://instructor/pub/gls/ulbin/lab-grade-installation

14. Therefore Log in

  • Open the terminal window.
  • Become root user. ( s u  )
  • get the script.execute because to see it installed properly or not.
  • [ [email protected] x ~]# w get h t t p://instructor/p b u/g l s/u l b in/lab-grade-installation
  •  c h mod a+x lab – grade – installation
  •  ./lab-grade-installation

15. From the desktop X select system similarly shutdown therefore restart.

You will see BIOS on another screen. Quickly press F 12 to enter autoboot.

Choose network interface card to boot.F finally, you will see N I C.

Once your N I C is able to P X E boot properly, you will see Red Hat Installation boot screen in another screen. So, use an arrow key to install G L S workstation press enter. Fresh installation should start automatically. It takes several minutes to complete.

Conclusion: Hope you have enjoyed this article about ” How to install Red Hat Linux Graphically ” without having any kind of trouble. But if you have any doubt on it, the comment box is already opened for knowing your opinion. Don’t hesitate to ask your question through comment box, I will be there for you for the better solution. Thanks for reading this article.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any damage caused by use
of all the methods mentioned in this article.

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