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android mobile: Do your android mobile getting very slow? Not finding any solution to enhance your android speed? Searching for How to speed up the Android mobile? Then you are in the right place. I am going to tell you how to speed up an android mobile. So, Go through the article until it ends. You will come to know how to speed up android mobile finally.

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Nowadays smartphone is spreading to us very quickly. Almost every people use smartphone even kids are not out of them. Therefore smartphones are available to all of us.

But everybody talks everywhere regarding the same topic. That is I am getting very slow with my smartphone, How to speed up my phone. Basically, it happens after a minimum age of your handset ( Mobile phone ). Therefore you must need to maintain your handset always. So, here are the following steps to maintain your android phone.

I am going to mention you all the steps that you should do, to know how to speed up an android phone.

Up to date solution

Always keep your eyes on towards the system update tray. It is very important to speed up your handset that you must keep your mobile phone up to date always. If you don’t do that depending on regular update basis, your handset will get slow down expectedly. So, I recommend you to keep your phone updated.

To update your handset go to settings>about phone>Update. Updates fix some bugs, also add new features & other issues that you may not be aware of.

Internal memory issue

It is the most happening causes to get your phone slow. Here your phone storage gets full, therefore all the functions work very slowly. You need to move all your files from the phone, memory to external memory. Just keep the minimum required space for running the application having sufficient spaces.

Solve ram problem

You definitely know that you have sufficient spaces in your phone memory. But also you are not happy with the speed of your mobile phone. Therefore, here is the reason that slow your phone down. This causes ram issue. if your ram size is low, it may cause very slow.

Therefore you need to close all of your unwanted programmes. That is running on your phone. also, You can install the third-party application from google play store or in another way like Ram cleaner to enhance your ram function definitely.

If you want to download Ram cleaner then Click Here to download the file for your mobile.


Check Synchronization

We all know what is Synchronization. Basically it a feature to upload all your data with Google server. Of course, it is a smooth feature to back up your data.

But do you know there is a great factor works behind this feature? Whenever you do new activities in your android phone this features checks your activities with a several time. Therefore you get notifications or update recommendation from google server. Here Synchronization refreshment process works for all the time.

Therefore this process eats your android performance or your other activities. So, I will recommend you to switch this feature off.


Uninstall unused applications

We all love to install new android applications according to our interests. It happens for all the users naturally. Therefore here is the big problem that arrives to make your android very slow. You can store lots of android applications in your phone. there are no limitations as well.

So, if you have lots of applications on your phone it definitely slows down your Android device. Make sure you are accessing your required applications. I will recommend you to uninstall all unused applications from your phone. It will definitely enhance your android performance.

Switch of Animations

It is another way to enhance your android speed. So, if you are thinking what are animations, then wait I am telling you. It is nothing but just acts as Fade. You definitely noticed that when you switch from one task to another it fades out. This the animation. It actually eats your android performance.

To check this animation go to Settings>Developer option>window animation scale>Animation scale 10 x. Here choose the windows animation scale again to see the fade in effect in ” slow-mo”.

I will recommend you switch animation feature completely off.  Once you choose the animation feature off the screen just snaps to the main activity without any animation. It will definitely enhance your android speed. Also, you can turn off Transition animation scale in the same way.

If you are a heavy user, you would probably notice that your Android device performing better with all animation switched off.

Useful application solution

There are lots of application available in google play store. Here I am telling you about a few essential apps for your android mobile to enhance it’s speed surely. Go to play store & download these apps for your preference. Or you can use third-party applications as well.

Antivirus: Download a good antivirus from play store. Basically viruses, malware used to slow down your android performance. So, use a good antivirus to scan for any possible virus & malware.

Cache cleaner: At the same way download & install any cache cleaner for your device. Typically caching helps you a lot to enhance your android mobile performance. After cleaning cache you will notice the changes of speed absolutely in your mobile.

App to Sd: This application is very helpful for you as well as all the android mobile user. Whatever application you use there is no matter but always keep it in your mind to move your app data to external memory. (SD card )

Actually, app 2SD allows you to move all your applications to SD card except inbuilt applications. This will enhance your android mobile performance surely.

Use task manager

Yes, use task manager to enhance your android mobile speed at a glance. Go to google play store. Download task killer application. Use a task killer to kill all the background process at a glance.

Root your android phone

This is an additional option to enhance your android mobile performance. Although rooting is a risky solution. But rooted phone brings lots of special features & of course will enhance your android performance.

Though it is very helpful I will not recommend you to do that. if you want to root your phone then you can Click here.


android mobile: Here I have discussed all the possible steps to enhance the speed of your android phone. I hope it will help you definitely. Therefore if you have any question regarding this topic, never hesitate to ask me through the comment box below. I will be responsible for your exact solution as soon as possible.

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