SQL Injection overview -what do you mean it?



SQL Injection overview - Theoretically what do you mean it?
Image shows: SQL Injection strategy

SQL Injection Overview: First of all SQL Injection is a hacking technique. Using this method a hacker inserts SQL code into an output box on a web form.

Consequently they get access to the valuable resources of an organization& make changes into the SQL code.

A hacker is able to exploit organizational data because the inputs are not validated in a web application.

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Let me explain you what happens here. When a hacker inserts malicious code into an input box, the code is submitted to a database server for execution.

This technique is quite popular to hacker groups.with this technique of hacking, a hacker can easily access all the data stored in database.

You know that different kind of server hosts an organizational database. In worst cases a hacker can even take control over the server. The level of damage a hacker can cause to the database depends on many factors.

Factors may be vulnerabilities in code.

The ease with which the hacker can exploit the vulnerabilities in code & the level of accessibility the web application has on the database.

What will be your steps?

A SQL injection attack is mostly prevalent in web application. Because of web applications are more prone to hacker attacks & are easily accessed by using Internet.

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If you think to know how hacker exploits vulnerabilities in code, you must be aware of database & SQL commands.

You must have both of knowledge to perform SQL Injection attack finally.

Similarly you must be CEH certified. CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker.

Similar to a legitimate user, a hacker can insert SQL commands into input fields. Consequently, it might open a table containingconfidential information about employees.

Therefore, you can say that the prime concern of a security professional should be to secure SQL servers from hackers.


Therefore, These are all about SQL Injection overview. This term carries a security method for any organization to secure their organizational database. As a CEH you need to secure your organizational database from hackers.


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