What is a DDOS attack? Distributed Denial of Service attack.


What is a DDOS attack?

First of all, in DDOS attack a large number of infected computers attack a single target computer, preventing legitimate users of the target computer to use its service.

Consequently, the target computer flooded with a large volume of incoming messages. Therefore it crashes ultimately.

What is a DDOS attack? Distributed Denial of Service attack.
Image shows : DDOS attack Strategy

There are a few examples I can share with you. According to Computer Incident Advisory Capability ( CIAC ), the first DDOS attack took place in the summer of 1999.

In February 2000, a major attack was launched against the yahoo website also.

Characteristics of DDOS attack

Every attack has its own characteristics to make you know what kind of attack is happening. Therefore DDOS attack has also its own characteristics. Okay, let’s go to know the main characteristics of a DDOS attack.

  • Refers to a large scale, a coordinated attack aimed to block the availability of services of a victim computer.
  • Indirectly involves many computers without their awareness on the Internet.
  • Also involves primary victim & secondary victims. Here the computer whose services are blocked calls, the primary victim. Similarly, the computers that are used to perform the attack calls secondary victims.
  • Involves difficulty in detecting & stopping an attack as the sources of the attack are many IP address.

Modes of DDOS attack

Basically this attack depends on two modes. Following are the two modes

Agent Handler Model

This model comprises with the following three components. These components are as follows . I have tried to make you understand properly.

here clients represent the computers through which the attacker communicates with the rest of the DDOS attack network computers

Handlers represent software packages located on computers across the Internet. With it, the attacker indirectly communicates with the agents.

Agents represent software packages located on infected computers that actually perform an attack on the victim computer.

IRC Based Model

IRC chat networks allow their users to create the following three types of channels.

Public Channel refers to a channel that allows a user to view IRC names & messages of all other users in the channel.

Private Channel also refers to a channel that a user sets up to communicate with another designated user.

Similarly, Secret Channel is similar to a private channel. As it is also used by a user to communicate with another designated user. However, unlike a private channel, a secret channel is more difficult to locate.

DOS & DDOS attack protection.

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You can easily avoid DOS & DDOS attack by performing these following countermeasures.

  • Use routers that allow you to limit the amount of bandwidth.
  • Always use Intrusion Detection System ( IDS ) to detect attackers who are trying to communicate with your computer.
  • Use file scanning tool to find the presence of client & server binaries.
  • Similarly use network scanning toolto find exixtence of DDOS agents that are running on your network.


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