What is firewall? Cover your security.



What is firewall: First of all, the firewall is a part of your computer system or network. It inspects incoming & outgoing network traffic. Also, it alters the traffic flow by dropping or passing certain packets.

What is firewall
Image shows: Firewall Structure

Firewall basically designed to block unauthorized access while you are permitting authorized communications.

Likewise, the it is a device or a set of devices. It is designed to configure to permit or deny your network transmission on the basis of certain rules & criteria also.

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Basically, a it inspects all the messages that enter or leave the company’s internet. Also blocks the messages if they do not meet the specified security criteria.

Firewall analyze the incoming data to determine the IP address of the machine from which it is coming.

Similarly checks the content that the unauthorized messages contains. Next the firewall checks if the content meets all the rules that you have configured.

It also analyzes the information at the application level. Determines whether or not the application should send or receive data through the port.

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A firewall also prevents your computer from hackers to access your computer through the internet. Basically it blocks back doors or open ports that helps to connect your computer with internet.

Exploring firewall

You can implement a firewall in your system in any form. Like hardware, software or a combination of both.

The hardware firewall is a physical piece of equipment. It actually remains between your Internet & LAN network.

Therefore here are few examples of hardware firewalls are as follows

  • Cisco Pix.
  • SonicWall.
  • NetScreen.
  • Watchguard.

This kind of firewall can protect your multiple computer systems that are connected to it simultaneously.

Next is a software firewall. You can easily understand that you need to install on your computer. Yes, exactly you need to install this kind of security on your computer.

It also works in the same way as the hardware firewall works.

It monitors & also blocks information that comes to your computer through Internet.

You can either install a software firewall from a computer disk or download from the Internet.

If you think to download software firewall you can go through with this link https://en.softonic.com/windows/firewalls.

Some example software firewall bundled programs are as follows

  • Norton 360.
  • Norton Internet Security.
  • ESET Smart Security.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security.

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