What is Malware? Definition – Malware types – Symptoms -Identification – prevention.


Introduction of Malware

Malware or malicious software is a computer program that can harm your computer in a number of ways. It may attach itself to other program or files, create its copies, damage files change data, delete data even more.

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First of all, malware is designed to access your computer without your permission. When malicious program enters into your computer, it tries to harm your computer by performing different unwanted activities.

Malware has becomke a very big threat for computer that are connected to the Internet.

There are over 50 thousand malware present today.

According to the types of malware You can devide it into two categories. In the first category, malware infects executable files on your computer by replicating itself. Viruses & worms are the example of this type of malware.

The second category of malware enables to access your computer. You can consider Trojans & backdoors, as the examples of this kind of malware.

What are the symptoms of a malware attack?

First of all, there are different symptoms of a malicious attack. Some malware starts damaging your computer as they enter into your computer. Therefore, one question arrives here. Is my computer infected by malware or not.

Okay, follow all the guidelines & understand your Pc is infected or not.

  • Your pc begins to run slower than how it usually does,
  • Do your computer stops responding?
  • Is your computer restarting on its own?
  • Applications that you have installed on your computer is not working properly?
  • Are disk drives on your computer not accessible?
  • Any unknown error messages & dialog box appearing on the screen?

If you find anyone out of them, you are infected, therefore. But don’t worry. keep reading ahead. I will also disclose you how you can prevent it.

Know how malwares enter into your computer.

Basically malware can enter into your computer in a number of ways. Followings are some common way through which malware can enter into your computer.

  • Instant messaging applications.
  • E-mail attachments.
  • Internet relay chat.
  • Browser & e-mail bugs.
  • Fake programs
  • Network basic input/output systems.
  • Untrusted websites.
  • Access to a computer containing a trojan.
  • Downloading of files, games, screensaver from the Internat.

How you can detect malware in your computer ?

If you suspect that your computer is infected you should try to detect it as soon as possible. To detect you need to perform the following steps.

  • Scan for suspicious listening ports by using tools. Such as netstat, TCPView, Fport.
  • Scan for suspicious running processes using tools. such as process viewer, Insider.
  • Use MS Config to scan suspicious registry entries.
  • Also scan network activities. such as Ethereal.
  • Click start > all programs > Accessories > Run. Enter cmd & click on okay button.
Run Dialog Box
Image shows: Run Dialog Box

type netstat -an on command prompt & click enter key on the keyboard. You will find all active connections, including active ports & their states.

If you want to download anti-malware software then click the link below to download the program.


How you can prevent malicious attack ?

This is the most important segment that you always care about. I am describing some precautionary measures for you. So that you can avoid malicious attack easily.

  • Don’t download files from websites that you do not trust. Even if you know the sender of a file checks it with a good antivirus before use.
  • Do not execute commands that others tell you to execute.
  • Don’t visit web address mentioned by strangers, also do not run pr-fabricated programs or scripts.
  • Please ensure that corporate perimeter defenses are being updated regularly.
  • Run malware, antivirus, firewall detection software on your computer.
  • Monitor internal network traffic for odd ports.
  • Use multiple trojan scanners.
  • Install malicious program removal software.


Here i have discussed what is Malware including it’s little history. With this article you can identify if your Pc is under attack or not. Also how you can identify that.

If your Pc is infected, how you will come to know that. I have disclosed all that here. At last, I mentioned all the possible ways of how you can stay away from a malicious attack.


Hope you have enjoyed this article about ” Malware ” without having any kind of trouble. If yes then don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

But if you have any doubt on it, the comment box is already opened for knowing your opinion. Don’t hesitate to ask your question through comment box, I will be there for you for the better solution. Thanks for reading this article.

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